Biography Biography Drawings Drawings Paintings Paintings Contact Contact Workshops Workshops Home Home I was born in Ballesteros de Calatrava (Ciudad Real) on November 11, 1967. I am a self-taught painter from La Mancha in which my painting is a reflection of my experiences throughout my life. In most cases, experiences that have marked me in a clear way and that, thanks to painting, I paint in a symbolic way but full of feelings. In my pictures you can see the internal struggle for the search for balance and happiness that is always present in my chiaroscuros and in my changes of color. The eye present in most of my paintings is a clear reference to the element that humanizes my sometimes cold worlds and that in turn observes who looks at it, returning the favor of being observed. My process is very simple. I always start with the blank canvas or paper and start to move my hand based on a slight idea that usually tears a tear from my eyes. Then my feelings begin to work interconnecting memories, moods, lived experiences, etc. that they have marked me and that I am placing in my work trying to form a compact block in which everything is interconnected and nothing is left or nothing is missing. My work is based fundamentally on the need to free my soul from the influence exerted on me by the feelings, reflections and experiences that mark me throughout my life and that I want to share with everyone. Always from a distorted interpretation trying to give the greatest possible expressiveness and strength to the content trying to delve into the depths of those who observe the work and seeking to remove their emotions to the point of connecting as directly as possible with the work before them. Each work is a piece of my soul that I would never want to part with!
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