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Eduardo Rodríguez
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June 8 - 9 2019 Saturday 10 to 18 hours Sunday 10 to 14 hours
With Eduardo Rodríguez Workshop for all, oriented to get involved in the use of materials and drawing techniques to enhance the basic elements of plastic expression, imagination and creativity.
Workshop Artistic Drawing
Project Surrealist Portraits. Working in a series of surrealist portraits where to appreciate the exterior and interior of the person.
Drawing donated to Rainfer-Fundación Chimpatía. Since 1995 offering a second chance to primates.
Chimpatía Foundation The Rainfer Primates Rescue Center / Chimpatía Foundation is a place of rehabilitation and rest for all those primates who have been forced to live a life they did not deserve. Collaborate with them !!!!
All images are Copyright of Eduardo Rodríguez. Do not use without permission.
Represented by:
Series "Looking for me ..." Series of drawings in which I make a search of my inner "me" trying to order everything.